does it ever make you sad?

as some of you may know, I recently started a tumblr. I've been using it as a place to post My articles that appear in different publications in one place. Untouched by douchebag editors.
I didn't know about that whole thing on tumblr where people could ask you questions. I got My first one today
here it is:

taken from:

Anonymous asked: Does it ever make you sad that you are a washed up, uneducated, white trash, narcissistic, delusional nobody?

no. It does make Me sad that because of My involvement in the adult industry, some complete stranger would take the time to post anonymously a bunch of insults meant to make Me feel like shit. This makes Me feel sorry for you. if you don’t like what I do for a living or the choices I make with My own body, that’s fine, I even welcome intelligent discussion with people who don’t agree with Me, but if you’re going to sling insults you might as well take the time to do some research so you could at least insult Me accurately. Wasked up? Well, I hardly think so, people still book Me for all manners of things so I guess the day I stopped getting book will be the day I feel wahsed up. The day I stop receiving fan mail from strangers and clients and folks who I have helped realize their true sexual potential thru BDSM then I will feel washed up. Uneducated, again I’m sorry My friend but, I am STILL educating Myself, take classes and learn from people considered masters in their field. if you’re the type of person that believes in only the “mainstream” version of education sorry to burst your bubble again but I did attend college, as awell as completing two different internships. White trash I suppose is subjective, I don’t really know what your definition of white trash is so it’s hard for Me to retort back to that one. Narcissistic, perhaps this one rings true a little bit, but I AM a model after all, part of that is being a little bit self important. delusional nobody, I don’t really agree with, I spend alot of time contemplating who I am, the impact that I have on others, the things I have accomplished and the things I still hope to accomplish. I have been published as a writer and model in books, magazines and all over the internet, I have had My non sex art films shown internationally in film festivals, I have been invited to speak at multiple colleges and universities, put on events for hundreds of people, facilitated flesh hook suspensions for folks that have changed their lives, and has success as a chef, a model, a writer, an educator, a suspension artists, a fashion designer, a dancer. So, I don’t believe I’m a nobody, and based off everything I just listed I think it’s safe to say alot of others agree with that.

what have YOU accomplished with your life? Does it make you feel better about yourself to insult sex workers behind a veil of anonymity on the internet? maybe you could make a better impact with your belif system if you chose to express yourself in a more positive outlet.

Feel free to write Me an essay on why you have such a problem with everything about Me

but until then, fuck directly off internet troll!

ohhh denied!

The following is a conversation that happened via facebook. it started off so promising, and then turned ugly so quickly.

Anthony: Hey Bella, I saw ur ad on back page I'm Anthony 20 yrs old. Turning 21 next month
ur around the providence ri area?

(I said it started out promising, but loooking at this message now, it's abotu the furthest thing froma polite letter of introduction)

Bella vendetta: not right now, I will be accepting sessions in providence Nov 11-17th if you would like to book please read ALL the information here:


Alright I'll read I right now
If I understand this correctly I can meet you first then give you deposit? And those dates work for me

Bella Vendetta: no, it does not say anywhere that you can meet Me first and then give a deposit. If you would like to book a session with Me you need to send a polite letter of introduction telling Me about yourself, your experience with BDSM and what kind of session you are looking for. kif you just wan to meet Me first to see if we click you can use the dinner/drinks option and meet Me that way, but you will need to pay for My time. I do not meet with starngers for free ever, unless they come to an event I am throwing.

Anthony: K, its my first time doing bdsm, and I'm just a nice, polite and friendly person, I'm rally easy to get along with, and I'm just chill lol. I'm Anthony, I'm Italian 20 years old 5'8". And yes, I can pay for us to go out to dinner definitely. And just to know each other a little more, I'm not very talkable or that socialable but I am nice friendly and mature. I am just looking to have some fun.

(as a side note, I've found that when someone needs to keep repeating how mature they are, they are usually not really mature)

Bella Vendetta: ok anthony, well if you would like to book a dinner talk with Me there is information and pricing on the website I sent you. You will still be required to send a 50% deposit however.

Anthony: OK I'll click on the link soon, so I have to pay a 50% deposit even before we meet for a dinner talk?

(this is why I have an FAQ on My website)

Bella Vendetta: I do not book anything of any kind without a deposit.

Anthony: Bella no offense but I CNT trust that

Bella Vendetta: that's fine. But see I have been doing this for 13 years, you can read about me read reviews of My sessions and I am happy to give referneces from well known Pro Dommes, My clients or even houses of Domination that you can call and will tell you that asking for a deposit is not a sly way for Me to steal from people. if you had seen other Pro Dommes and had a refernece I may be willing to wave the dseposit, but there is no guarantee that you will actually show up for our appointment. In My 13 years of doing this I have learned that the people who have a problem sending a deposit are the same people who have a problem showing up. This is all extremely clear on My website which I sent you to. My policies on deposits are non negotiable.

Anthony: PPP that's not the case with me, I will deff. Show trust me Bella and I'm coming coming to you

Bella Vendetta: Im sorry Anthony as I said, this poliy is not up for negotiation. I do not book anything without a deposit. Unfortunately some bad apples have ruined it for the rest. I have no guarantee that you will show, you are a stranger with no refernces. When A DOmina tells you somethin is not up for negotiation trying to talk them into doing something they have said they would not do is not a good impression to make. best of luck to you. But I session with people who respect My boundaries and My protocoll.

Anthony: K , but that's from ur own personal perspective as to what your level of respect and boundaries are, as to me, a mutual free meet is easy and friendly and not risky from my point of view. But its all good as a customer you can't respect my honesty and trust, so why should I even deposit to you, it seems we have reached an inpass.

Bella Vendetta: yes indeed and since you are contacting Me to begin training with you, you should respect My personal perspective. I promise you that you will not find a professional Dominatrix of My caliber with this many years of training and experience who will meet with you for free. In fact I do not know of any Domina anywhere with any level of training who meets with prospective clients for free. Best of luck to you.

Anthony: Hmm, it seems time you are trying to classify yourself as the best of the best well that's for me to judge, u couldn't dominate me if u tried... And a free meet doesn't mean a low level, maybe u ththink of it like that cuz ur kinda bitchy but meeting for free builds a true honest trusted relationship to meet casual, so if u can't do that then I don't need to meet a money scammer in my honest opinion. And I wish you the best of no luck to you lol

(kinda bitchy.....wait, you DID realize I was a Dominatrix right? I'm always puzzled by people who seem surprised when I am stern or accuse Me of being bitchy. Yes, I'm a pro Domme, and I'm a bitch, and I'm lucky enough to have ajob where I get paid to sometimes be a bitch WHAT! A sex worker wants to be paid to do her job! she must be a money scammer! Meeting for free builds a true honest trust? Agin, I'll say ti I have never ever met ANY Domme who will meet with clients for free. Many offer free phone consultations (I do not) but if I met with every guy who ever "considered" doing a session with Me if I would meet him for free first, I'd have a dinner date every night of the week, and maybe one session amonth. The majority of guys contacting Pro Dommes are not serious about BDSM or slave training, they want to just TALK about the fantasy, just talking about it gets them off. It might be a mindfuck, but it's a fuck alla the same, and I demand to be paid for it. Besides, if I wanted to go out to dinner and not be paid for My time, I'd go out with one of My friends who I enjoy spending time with, not take a huge chance on a random internet stranger who is going to ask Me personal and sexual questions all night long)

Bella Vendetta: HAHAH wow. well since you have never trained with a pro Domme before you aren't really in a position to decide who the best of the best is now are you? I trained at La Domaine Esemar which is the worlds oldest training chataeu, and yes am considered the best of the best on the east coast. perhaps if you did some research you would find that out. let Me know when you
ve found a Domina to meet with you for free ok>?

Anthony: Lol u got to read more closer I said I can pick after I've done a session with you and by a trusted relationship, so I kinda am one to decide when it comes down to that. And OK Bella no problem at alll!!! In fact want me to record my session?

Bella Vendetta: no Anthony, in fact please do not contcat Me again, but I will be happy to put our correspondance on My blog about fake slaves and fans who do nothing but waste My time.

Anthony: Lmao, OK bitchy witch lol and if ur times being wasted then y r u choosing to chat me, u should of just ignored me of u did want ur time to be wasted, but now ur was going my time so I shall block you. Ohh. Denied!

OOHHH DENIED! He sure showed Me didn't he!!!???
I fucking hate this type of shit, it's like: I already GAVE YOU alot of My time for free by responding to messages, why do people always want more, always want to see what they can get away with. I'm hoping he contacted other Pro Dommes and asked them to meet for free so they could tell him to fuck off, and he would realize I'm not just some evil bitch out to steal his money. BUT then again maybe some Dommes DO meet people for free. Because after all I heard beign a pro domme was really asy and fun.
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I'll be a good little slave

this next sentence makes Me wonder if people even KNOW what a slave is

or thanks to places like they think a slave is someone you just have alot of sex with.

I can be your little slave. You can ride my cock and slap me and tease me. As long as you make me suffocate in your pussy a lil bit I will be a good slaveSent from the OkCupid app

I love when people have stipulations like that: IF you do this then I'll be a good slave....if you give a compelte stranger access to your pussy in just the way they want they will serve you
that's not serving someone, that's just kinky sex

OMG your perfect

it seems like this week was the week for weird dudes contacting Me on ok cupid.

Do guys ever stop to think that...they are attempting to strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger, they should pribably be mindful of how they actand what they say. It's like when stupid fucking wannabe slaves send Me insane messages. You are supposed to be trying to make a good impression, aren't you?

guy on okc

"OMG ,,Your Perfect :) ... We should get married and have babies ??.
Whatcha think?. lol ..Id be willing.. Seriously .. WOW how are you single?
You are absolutely the most stunning and so very interesting !!:) ,,
Well this profile is probably spam im typing too ..
but if you are a REAL lady on here
I hope all is well with you and take care beautiful lady and hit me up if you like ..okay take care ;)"

My response:
"well, I think I'm single because random guys Ive never talked to think its appropriate to hit on Me by suggesting we get married and have babies in the first sentence.
and then accuse Me of having a fake profile.

I pretty much get a message like this once a week."

and then his response:
"Nice dude... its call sarcasm ..... it funy too
I dislike babies marriage ppl and mostly rude mean bitter folk are funny too"

I'm glad this guy told Me what sarcasm was, because I previously had no idea.
and for the record, if you have to tell someone something is funny, it's probably not really funny.

Before we go further with the next one, I'd like to copy and paste something that My profile says:

I am really more attracted to women than men, so if your a dude please dont send me a message unless your absolutely convinced we have something awesome in common and would have at least something to talk about. PLEASE for my sake and yours, dont make yourself look like an idiot by saying "nice tats" or "your hott" or something equally as menaingless and stupid.

So; you'd think when a dude contacts Me he already knows the odds are not in his favor so maybe he should try to make an effort to let Me know we might have something in common, other than thinking I am pretty.

This was a weird gem from last week:

guy on okc who is in a wheelchair

"hey, im brian. could you ever see yourself with someone who spends the majority of his time in a wheelchair?"

My response:

"wheelchairs dont bother Me
but I can't see Myself with someone who would use their wheelchair in an opening line to Me
sorry, looked at your profile don't think we have much in common and I think this was a really bad first impression

best of luck"

and his:

"im just giving u a heads up so theres no surprises, and wouldnt it be fun to check it off your bucket list?"

really, using your wheelchair as a pickup line? gross. And also, assuming Ive never been with anyone in a wheelchair, bucketlist? No actually I've already been with men who wanted nothing but sex from Me so I've already checked that off My bucket list.

I'll leave you with one more short exchange between Me and a 65 year old carpenter, who felt compelled enough to write to Me:

"your hair eyes hello"

and I responded:
"your bad message goodbye"
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I am way too caught up on protocol

which is true perhaps. I'm old gaurd. protocol is extremely important to Me, knowing HOW to speak to a Dominant is important and anyone who is going to claim to be experienced should probably have at least a basic understanding of how to be polite:
here's a fun thing that happened on cam:

bionicmuscle has logged on

BellaVendetta: hello there
so tell Me a bit more about yourself bionicmuscle..where are you from, whats your experience with BDSM what kinks are you into? what are you looking for on cam?

bionicmuscle: one sec

BellaVendetta: Mistress does not like to be kept waiting, it's a poor first impression to make...however, if you want to pay Me just to ignore Me thats your perogotive

bionicmuscle: Im a pretty experienced submissive
I live in south florida
Im into all things femdom

BellaVendetta: ooh excellent

bionicmuscle: Strapon

BellaVendetta: have you seen Pro Dommes before in S FLA?

bionicmuscle: Yes I see a few Pro Dommes in south florida

BellaVendetta: thats excellent
I used to Pro Domme there for about a year over a decade ago now!
well, in fort lauderdale
and so you also do sessions on cam with DOminas? or am I the first one you've spoken to?

bionicmuscle: the first one on Cam
not quite sure how it works on the cam

BellaVendetta: well then that's a nice honor
well you've obviously figured it out thus far
did you follow My link from twitter and then join from there?

bionicmuscle: beautiful

BellaVendetta: do you have a camera also, there is an option here for cam to cam sot hat I can see you

bionicmuscle: I don't have a cam on this pc unfortunately, believe it or not I am sitting at my desk in my office at work
looking at you so Its extra naughty

BellaVendetta: HAHAH oh excellent I have a HUGE fetish for camming with men while they are at work
I love helping you be bad!
dont get caught!

bionicmuscle: what are your kinks?

BellaVendetta: do you have a secretary thats going to walk in on you?

bionicmuscle: Im a natural born pleaser

BellaVendetta: oh, I have many and they are varied
I like long term extreme slave training
I am a Pro and lifestyle DOmina for over 12 years
I have a fondness for feet shoes stockings body worship, leather, strapons, smoking, bondage, sensory deprivation, extreme sadism, cbt

bionicmuscle: please share the ones you usually don't say for whatever reason, either because youre embarrased to say or because they are taboo

BellaVendetta: many sorts of whips

bionicmuscle: I love CBT
love love love cbt

BellaVendetta: I am not embarassed I think if you did even five minutes of research about Me you would see that
infactI have a whole website that discusses all of My interests
wel so do I

bionicmuscle: I know your not 'embarrassed' per say

BellaVendetta: age play, roleplay medical play needles, puppy training horse training
pony play food fetishes..
the list goes on and on as you can see
wrestling boxing, scissor holds, weapons, breathe play

bionicmuscle: but maybe you like hitting your slaves with a rubber chicken, and it does it for you, but it may be embarrasing not in the usual way but nontheless

BellaVendetta: you may adress Me as Mistress

bionicmuscle: Yes Mistress

BellaVendetta: thats good
so did you answer My question did you follow My link here from twitter?

bionicmuscle: i didn't mean to be rude, i was simply wanting to get to know my Mistress better

BellaVendetta: that's fine

bionicmuscle: thank You for Your smoke

BellaVendetta: you are very welcome, I love an appreciative slave
but I also like slaves who answer questions when asked them....

bionicmuscle: what was Your question Mistress

BellaVendetta: if you found Me by following My link on twitter and joined this site that wya?

bionicmuscle: what question did I not answer?

BellaVendetta: oooh, you know what I realized
since I am mentioning another website it doesnt show you what I am writing
thats so shitty!
Im sorry about that
well, tweet at Me when we are done here so I can know who you are

bionicmuscle: You don't need to ever apologize

BellaVendetta: I don't need ever to be told what I can and cannot do

bionicmuscle: sorry Mistress

BellaVendetta: thats better
now anyway: have you ever served a long distance Mistress before
did you just want to pop in to say hello today, or were you looking for a deeper more serious raining?

bionicmuscle: But I didn't fucking say what you could or couldn't do all I said was you need not, you stupid fucking whore, I thought this was going to be fun, but you are so caught up on "Protocol" that you can't be bothered with a human conversation
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do you want your shit turned out?

I got messages from this guy on OKcupid of all places, where I specifically ask to NOT receive messages from men.
My brain hurts from this one, I don't think I even need to write anything about it:

"I'm submissive. Introduce me to your world. Have you ever done a photo shoot were your dominating a guy? "

ok I lied: I'm going to write about it....seriously? fucking christ do FIVE MINUTES of research on Me, I've been shooting for over a fucking DECADE yes I've shot with guys you fucking moron, try google.
Also: one of My other least favorite things, when someone tells Me they are submissive then makes a demand of Me, this shit happens all the time. I am a slave dominate me. if someone is a slave they need to learn humility, it is NOT a submissive act to demand something of a Domina, particualry one you don't even know and are trying to get in good with.

so I respond:
"you are submissive yet have absolutely no idea how to approach a Pro Domme.
if you are interested in booking a session with Me there's plenty of info here for you to do this: and yes please read My profile, I have been shooting for over a decade I've done lots asnd lots and lots of shoots! "

and then he responds:
"Thank you mistress. How can I serve you? I don't have much money. Perhaps I could be your maid. I'm a very good cook and I could clean your house. Wash your cloths for you, run errands, grocery shopping etc.

Thank you mistress for replying. I know that you would have to break me in and teach me how to deserve your limited time. I already deserve to be punished.

I want to submit to you and your will. It would give me great pleasure to serve you. Gary. "

and Me, annoyed I respond again:

"I get 5-10 applications to be My personal slave a day

anyone who is interested in serving Me in My home must first do a paid professional session in the dungeon
this is all very clearly covered in the link I sent you, which it appears you did not read.

you are not off to a very good start with Me.....

and if you can't afford even a prelimnary session then we will not be meeting"

he responds with:

"Then I will get two jobs, Mistress. I need your discipline. You have perfect tits. I feel powerless. "

normally, this would be an ok response, get two jobs so you can session with Me...ok perfect, but before I can respond he adds:
"could you just curse me out one time? I'd appreciate it. It would give me motivation. "

for fucks sake: I reply again:
"then put together some money and book a session with Me, I am not going to waste My time with you cursing you out or otherwise until you show Me you are serious and book a session with Me
Id suggest readign everything on that link I sent you thuroughly"

I thought we were done, but oh no, he came back with this:

"mistress, would you be willing to do half price with me because I'm being a good boy. I will kiss your toes and suck on them if you want."

you've got to be kidding Me, half price? not even a discount, which I would have also said no to...but half price, why the fuck would I see someone for half My rate?

I'm so over it by this point I send this:

"no absolutely NOT
this is all covered on the websie I sent you, which you obviously did not read....which means you are NOT a good boy
I do not have time to waste with people who don't respect Me enough to follow simple instruction, such as READING about doing a session with Me
do not contact Me again"

you'd think DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN would say it all, but apparently that was not clear enough, because he sent this:

"I did read it. And I will give you all the oral pleasure you desire mistress. Tell me what else you desire, mistress. I love beautiful tits and vagina. I am sub, but elite sub. Do you want your shit turned out? Or maybe your puny mind needs a dominant sub! You don't understand do you?"

I'm sitting here staring art this ondering if I should write back? maybe not, maybe I'll just send him a loink to this blog.

again, WHY do guys think I'm sitting around just hoping some gross stranger on the internet will offer to eat me out? do you people think I can't get oral sex if I wanted it, from someone I dunno, maybe attractive, maybe someone I even have respect for, maybe someone who doesn't insult Me and call My mind puny. do I want My shit turned out?
all I want is a slave, one who knows what a proper letter of introduction looks like

elite sub? oh sugar an elite sub would never speak out of line like that, and I hate dominant subs, that type of shit does not fly with Me know your place, learn some protoicol
it's sad because people like this are the ones most in need of serious training but I'm sure he'll continue sending inappropriate messages to women who clearly say they are not looking for men.
I say do not contact Me
he asks if I want to be turned out
rape culture much.


hot dirty white boy

I get this alot
guys on BDSM sites or guys responding to My ads for professional Domination trying to date Me.
I have no clue why they think a professional sex worker would want to hang out with them....for free...when the only information they give is "tall and exciteable"
does this work on some Dominas?
I am guessing not...

ROTOBOY on 4/9/13 at 6:56 PM:

hello ! a quick note - when you arrive back in boston or new england area - have a morning,afternoon, or warm weather eve to yourself - would you enjoy be catered to with a visit to the ocean side . Conversation to surround future planning of videos and some west coast stuff too .... Me - tall,exciteable guy who truly appreciates a cultured and intelligent woman such as yourself . safe travels - ciao ,bella

BellaVendetta on 4/9/13 at 9:07 PM:

I live in the new england area

but I am not here looking for guys to date or to be catered to by anyeone except for slaves, and if you are interested in serving Me as a slave you will have to book a professional session with Me, thank you for the kind words, but I do not think we are on the same page.

ROTOBOY on 9/4/13 at 9:38 PM:

sounds all great to me . Money makes the world go round and I can assure you that hot videos with the incomparable BellaVendetta with that super hot dirty white boy badd azz rotoboy would sell some copies at the clips4sale store . When you dare to venture , I sense we could be a great psychodrama team as I appreciate your style of self expression.....

hugs and love > rotoboy

BellaVendetta on 9/4/13 at 9:46 PM:

I am a professional

I make videos with other professionals

I do not have a clips for sale store, nor am I interested in one

the videos I shoot are for reputable companies and distrbutions.

I have absolutely no interest in shooting a video with you

if you had bothered to READ any of the links I have available in My profile this is all addressed there.

this also happens alot: guys who write about being in videos with Me. Even though I address this in the FAQ of My site:
what do guys think? that I'm so hard up, I'm sitting around thinking, jeez I really want to shoot some clips and videos but I don't have ANY guys willing to be in them with Me?

that's not at all how it works.....I have My pick of the litter, being in a video with Me is a huge honour, one someone works towards. I don't agree to make porn (aka session for free with you) with any guy willing to be in a video.
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I spoke to you a while (over a year) ago about possibly booking a BDSM session through Domaine Esemar before. My situation has since changed and that is not in my cards anymore, but I do have another question. I have a pair of tickets to see Alice Cooper at the Palace Theater in Albany, NY this Friday night. My girlfriend isn't interested in going with me, so I was wondering if you would have any interest in accompanying me to the show. Did I mention they are FRONT ROW seats? I also have a pair of balcony seats to see Bob Dylan in Saratoga on Sunday and I haven't decided if I really want to go see Rob Zombie on Saturday in Saratoga (no tickets yet, but they are still available). If you are interested in any of these shows, please let me know. It is going to be a busy weekend with these 2 or 3 shows, then Bon Jovi on Monday in Saratoga with my girlfriend then off to Mohegan Sun on Wednesday with my love to see the legendary Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.

so adam

we spoke over a year ago about booking a session and you did not come through and now are wondering if I want to go out with you to a show?

I'm sorry but that's totally inappropriate. I do not go out to shows with strangers from the internet

I would never agree to go out socially with someone I have never met, and definately not with someone who I have alreayd given My time to and spoke about sessioning and then nothing came of it.

I'm not really sure what made you ask Me to come hang out with you after a year of not speaking....but if you know anything at all about Me or have done any research on me you'd know I write for several music magazine and websites and get the chance to go backstage to all of My dreamshows

it's also silly of you to think that I would have no plans for this weekend, I am a busy woman and require alot of advance notice to book anything

and am not interested in going out of town with a stranger.

I dope hope that one day you decide to book a training session because it is apparent you do not know how to approach a Pro Domina

mafia princess

there's caertain entries I don't even really need to write any commentary on, this is one of them.

from, where else?

KissMyPinkyRing on 5/7/13 at 4:32 PM:

Are you a mafia princess?

BellaVendetta on 5/7/13 at 4:33 PM:

is this a serious question?

it seems you need to learn how to actually READ a profile and write a polite letter of introduction

KissMyPinkyRing on 5/7/13 at 4:33 PM:

I apologize, my queen. I just think you're sexy and love powerful, evil women.

KissMyPinkyRing on 5/19/13 at 10:02 PM:

Are u connected?

BellaVendetta on 5/19/13 at 10:05 PM:

youve already asked Me this

people who are truly connected are not going to discuss it with a complete stranger via the internet

read My profile, learn how to send a polite letter of introduction

asking strangers if they are connected to the mafia is ridiculous

KissMyPinkyRing on 5/19/13 at 10:06 PM:

thats too bad

i love powerful women xo

BellaVendetta on 5/19/13 at 10:08 PM:

then you should learn how to approach one

KissMyPinkyRing on 5/19/13 at 10:09 PM:

LOL I have plenty of real world experience with that hun. More than ull ever know

Ur not very good on this site, r u? LOL

good luck

emotionally available

sometimes I think should be renamed to osr maybe
although strangely I have met some wonderful people through the site and do sometimes book sessions from there.
I also sometimes think I should rename this blog to: Bella vendetta is an angry bitter bitch

today I received this message:

From: darkrazor99

5/10/13 2:12 PM

Are you at all emotionally available at this point in your life?

like....whut??? who the fuck sends a message like this? this is ridiculous on almost every level. If this guy is trying to date Me, this is totally NOT the way to do it. And since this was on CollarMe, which I am on to ya know, book sessions its completely innapropriate. I have it ALL over My profile that I am not there to date people. and is anyone who is emotionally UNavailable actually aware of it?
so I respond:

BellaVendetta on 5/10/13 at 3:19 PM:

not to you

darkrazor99 on 5/10/13 at 3:32 PM:

Yikes. Why is that? I know we talked before, but I sure hope I didn't in some way insult you. If I did, please accept my sincere apology.

BellaVendetta on 5/10/13 at 3:38 PM:

I have no idea who you are

and do not recall speaking to you ever, and there is no record of us ever having a conversation here.

a personal question about My emotional availability is totally out of line here.

I have no idea why you're asking and don't really appreciate it

darkrazor99 on 5/10/13 at 3:49 PM:

I'm asking because many are here for personal reasons.

BellaVendetta on 5/10/13 at 4:03 PM:

well if you took the time to READ My profile it would be very clear to you that I am not here looking for dating and do not need random strangers asking Me personal questions

darkrazor99 on 5/10/13 at 4:05 PM:

Nothing is ever very clear on the Internet.

I stopped responding because: could it get ANY more clear than "I AM NOT HERE LOOKING FOR DATES!"

I wondered for a moment if I DID speak to this guy, so I went to his profile and the first paragraph is:
"I'm a professional, creative guy. I'm into humor and passion too. I think Carl Sagan was really just a bitter killjoy with bad hair and a lisp, Star Trek is a boring parade of unfashionable uniforms, and Shibari's what creepers use to cop a feel."

well, I love Sagan, I love Star trek and I've studied shibari for over a decade and never used it to cop a feel.
I am certain this is someone I want absolutely nothing to do with