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presented without comment...

3/20/17 1:19 PM
You know this is going to sound disrespectful and in a way it is but I find profiles like yours a joke. You had to be "trained" ?? Meaning you're NOT a natural dominant? You're not a natural leader of men? No one had to train me to be submissive it's what I am at my core. I get pleasure from serving and giving it to others. When you say you were trained you sound like a fucking monkey not a dominant
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Last Online:
Male Submissive
Near atlanta
185 lbs

My loss

Thursday - 6:59am
Good morning ​
Thursday - 2:38pm
did you have a reason for messaging Me at 7 am? or just saying hi and making small talk?
Yesterday - 12:03pm
Was just trying to get to know you
Yesterday - 1:51pm
so just making small talk then, well, I always prefer when folks read My profile to start with
Yesterday - 2:19pm
I did​
Yesterday - 3:34pm
so you read the whole profile where I said I'm not interested in small talk then you decided to make small talk anyway, well did you have a reason for contacting Me, are you interested in serving Me?
Sure if you can handle long lasting ​
Yesterday - 8:06pm
I'm not really sure you can handle Me sweetie. I'm not fond of your approach.

Approach Me with humility and respect. not if I can take you...lol...the point here is that you are trying to convince Me to give you a chance, not the other way around
Today - 6:05am
Your loss not mine ​
Just now!
I'm sure Ill survive


sometimes when on cam people will come and say like

hey do you have any leather? a full suit? black vinyl? thigh high boots? a fur jacket? elbow length black satin opera gloves? ballet heels and a vinyl catsuit?
seriously....some fetishists are extremely particular
I get it
I am that way too

and the truth is that I have a HUGE wide array of fetish attire.
but when I cam....I don't like, cam directly in My dressing room with every article of clothing I own immediately within arms reach
I don't think anyone does.
sometimes it's something easy like a pair of shoes or whatever that I can easily change.
and for those folks I'll tell them that if they take Me into private chat and pay Me while I go get said item I will put it on for them
what I refuse to do though...is to log off cam...or worse just leave My cam running and run out of frame to go get said shoes, and then put them on,,,and then hope that whatever dude requested them actually gets a private show and makes it worth My while.
most of the time they don't and it makes Me grumbly.

for this reason: I tell guys who want something specific like...a cowgirl outfit or a nurse cosplay thing...
that sort of show is best done as a custom skype show. Where we schedule a time/day/date and you prepay for a specified amount of time and then we do the show!
That way I'm already wearing the custom clothing request and the show is JUST for you!
MOST guys dont go through with actually setting up the custom show. Its too much work, they want it to be easy and instantly gratifying and the thought of booking time to jerk off seems counter productive and they dont like the idea of paying before theyve gotten anything.

but ya know, for the folks who DO get custom shows theyve never had anything bad to say. Its really awesome and most end up getting second third and fourth shows and become repeat customers. Because I understand clothing fetishes really well. and also have them, and only really collect articles that I also feel a sexual attraction to in some way (ie: heels, stockings, gloves, furs, leather, jewelry etc)

The starting price for custom skype shows is $50. Really, anything less than that is sort of a waste of My time.

so, here's a little exchange between Me and a guy who had afetish for women in suits and ties (another fetish I share with him...)

Bella Vendetta <mistressbellavendetta@gmail.com>
Jan 3 (12 days ago)

to tielover31
hi there
thanks for chatting tonight
I didnt forget about you!
would love to be able to do a cam show with you wednesday.......

a boot/suit/tie/long sleeve shirt show

is there anything else specific you like, words or phrases, camera angles, close ups?
this is the type of thing I really like and think we will both enjoy

I can do a 20-30 minute show for $50
you can send money via XXXX
sort of like paypal very easy to sign up for

and then also if you wanted to buy the photoset for $15 I will dig it out (the one of Me in the suit and tie I mean...)
looking forward to camming with you in 2017!
~Mistress Bella Vendetta

(perhaps I should start including links to this blog in all of My email corrrespondances?)

he responds:

do you do any shorter of shows? like would you be wiling to to do 10-15 for $30?

can I also tell you about how much I hate when I spend time and energy creating polite, nicely worded emails and then get a response without even a greeting and just like, a simple one liner, like we're haggling over the price of a rug.

I respond to him:

no not for custom outfits etc

if I am putting on an entire outfit shoes etc I think $50 is a fair price for My time considering theres lots of getting ready time for Me.

so no, it ouldn't be worth it to do a show for any less than $50
sorry if you can't afford that.

but thats literally why I wouldnt do this on streamate....
logging off cam putting an entirely new outfit on, then coming back on to hope you get a show long enough to make it worth My while....
and alot of guys with special requests end up getting like a five minute show....then I barely make any money and have gone way it of My way to make someone elses fantasy come true and it wasn't worth it for Myself

so: it has alot to do with paying sex workers a fair rate and making sure they are treated well.
For a custom outfit request devoted specially for you I feel that $50 is a really low rate and I am definitely not willing to go any lower I'm sorry.

Jan. 3rd, 2017

Email sent ​
Yesterday - 11:31am
? I'm sorry I'm not sure who you are but I don't believe I have any email from you...
Email sent ​
Yesterday - 11:31am
? I'm sorry I'm not sure who you are but I don't believe I have any email from you...
Yesterday - 2:53pm
Um yeah you've sent me two already ​ok
well I get ALOT of emails and didnt have any from anyone saying anything about OKC so I guess I was confused and looking for some clarity as to why you were contacting?
Yesterday - 3:14pm
Yesterday - 5:33pm
Yesterday - 10:43pm
Today - 9:42am
wow. ok you suck at basic communication and conversation.
so lemme guess you are the guy who wrote Me saying you just wanted to chat and I sent you My niteflirt link and you said nevermind>?
Yes ma'am ​Text me 203/******
Today - 9:57am
lol noyou are honestly super annoying. bye
Because I'm not going to waste money on you ok? When you want to do real business let me know ​lol fuck directly off loser

so yah: I am SUPER over guys who write to Me saying they just wanna chat, they just wanna get to know Me. And then I'll respond with My niteflirt hotline....
then they get all mad.
this guy doesnt wanna waste any money on Me, but wants Me to text him for free and it's MY loss since I don't want to./

ugh yuck
I just can't even this AM.


hey bella hey hey hey miss vendetta

MAY 15TH, 8:58PM

Hey bella vendetta hows it going.

Bella Vendetta
hello Andrew. It's going. as I have said on fetlife, I am not available for idle chatter and small talk and have given you instructions on how to begin the scheduling process to book a session with Me

I know you told me to fill out the application but honestly my android phone isnt letting me fill out the form. I would like to maybe set something up with you over dinner if thats ok with you

Bella Vendetta
we can certainly set up a dinner meeting in the springfield MA area. I would still need some info and the questions on the application answered. If your phone doesn't let you copy and paste perhaps you can write the questions down and then send them in an email, which is the appropriate place to book any type of time with Me, not fb
the email address is MistressBellaVendetta@gmail.com

Ok. Thank you very much for the info. And i look foward to building something with you
AUG 19TH, 2:10PM

Hey bella

SEP 23RD, 12:21PM

SAT 2:02AM

Hey Miss vendetta
No Data Available
Your Page is no longer able to send messages to this person.

so: this is a tale of someone who is really bad at following really simple instructions. Send Me an email, fill out an application, it's quite simple. If you can't follow those simple instructions then you will not be sessioning with Me anytime soon. Part of being a good submissive and slave is following instructions. Without hand holding. Without being told multiple times.

I really dislike doing business over fb or twitter DM, etc if you are serious about setting up a session with Me you will email Me.
I also really dislike when people message Me like, hey hey, hey bella....
why are you being so familiar? We don't know each other, I'm not you're friend. I'm a professional Dominatrix whose good graces you are trying to get in
it's MISTRESS BELLA VENDETTA not hey, show some respect.

end of rant. also: hilarious that this person then BLOCKED MAE, probably thinks I'm abitch because I didn't respond to three messages that say hey...AFTER I had told him to email Me...more than once.

fuck that mess
where are the men who know how the fuck to act?

I know you're out there....

need very badly to masturbate

an exchange on collarspace...which really is never pleasant but I do sometimes meet some cool people there and even book some cool sessions.

so this guy writes Me:

john1001 on 11/25/16 at 4:57 PM:
Need very badly to Masturbate and Cum for Mistress's feet..toes always

BeautifulRevenge on 11/25/16 at 5:04 PM:
then you should book a foot fetish skype show.

john1001 on 11/25/16 at 5:07 PM:
Yes Mistress

and then a few days later I follow up:

BeautifulRevenge on 11/28/16 at 11:04 AM:
so....do you have any intention of following through and actually booking?

john1001 on 11/28/16 at 11:42 AM:
Kinda a hard to do when I am in Chicago ill and your in Massachusetts lol

BeautifulRevenge on 11/28/16 at 11:44 AM:
we talked about you doing a skype cam show with Me.....so it doesnt really matter where you are

john1001 on 11/28/16 at 11:46 AM:
prefer real time

john1001 on 11/28/16 at 11:47 AM:
Send me a video of your cam show then

BeautifulRevenge on 11/28/16 at 11:48 AM:
you want Me to send you a video of My cam show for another person?

umm...no, thats not the way it works.

if you want to you can certainly BUY some of My foot fetish videos: www.clips4sale.com/77669

BeautifulRevenge on 11/28/16 at 11:47 AM:

so you just wrote to Me to waste My time then?


You dommes on here have pics of your pussies and assess on here

so you want me to see that

so it is fair game for me to talk about my dick to you Women

Only fair

john1001 on 11/28/16 at 11:51 AM:
whatever good riddences

BeautifulRevenge on 11/28/16 at 11:50 AM:
they are for Me
and if you read My profile you would see I actually ask to NOT get messages like this

also: telling Me about YOYR dick and it's need to cum isn't a compliment at all. you might want to work on the way you compliment women.

now goodbye, Im not interested in talking to you anymore.

john1001 on 11/28/16 at 11:50 AM:
Why don't you put them on youtube.com for everyone to see

There are many foot fetish videos on there

john1001 on 11/28/16 at 11:49 AM:
Ok soon I will buy ok

john1001 on 11/28/16 at 11:48 AM:
No I didn't

compliments are never a waste of time

fake it until you make it

I recently opened an okcupid account specifically looking for slaves. On the account I am extremely specific that ONLY men who want to serve Me should write. I also am crystal clear when I say that if you have ZERO BDSM experience and NO references from other Dominas then you will need to pay for a session.
It doesnt matter because literally all day long I get messages like "hey baby" or "youre so cute whats up" or "nice ink" and I already regret putting the profile up and if it doesn't produce any actual relationships within a month I'll just take it down.

I also get guys like THIS guy:
Here is our conversation:

Yesterday - 9:16pm
Very nice art :)​There's been a lot of these popping up on these dating sites lately. It's all a lot of fun ! And I thought I found something fantastic... Then she asked me to join the site for a small fee to register as hers :( I'd love a Don but not one that I have to pay for...​
Yesterday - 9:31pm
I love good food Myself...I ama foodie. But I still wouldnt write to a five star chef and tell them Id love them to cook for Me but don't feel I should have to pay them, because that would be incredibly rude. So what is the reason you are contacting Me?

That's actually a fantastic analogy and I didn't consider that aspect of it so I do apologize. I suppose I was a little disappointed because she didn't bring that up until we had talked for over a week and now I see these sort of profiles everywhere... Pof , Okcupid and Ashley Madison. Please don't take offense because I meant none... The fact is I would love to experience a Dom, meaning a truly strong sexual woman, not just the regular BDSM stuff I encourage my dates to do. ​Which is typically a disappointment because they never stand up... ​Also, I wanted to say "nice art" :) ​I really have no clue why you wrote to Me comparing Me to some woman Ive never met. My profile is like...crystal fucking clear about what I am looking for. I dont trick people into anything.Ok, that's fair... If we're being honest here , if someone is interested is there not a website that requires their credit card and three different levels of membership that take on a monthly basis before you will meet them ? Truth be told , I don't mind paying for something wonderful but a monthly fee w my credit card to be in a "club" is just something I would never do... I guess , I wish their was a better option... Like cash and carry if you will :) also, Mistress I never suggested you are tricking anyone because I don't believe you are. ​
Yesterday - 9:47pm
the link to My website is in My profile and does not require a credit card. so please just read the information I have thoughtfully written out

Mistress , I'm sorry... ​That last woman clearly jaded me a little ​wow. please stop bringing up this other woman. not paying attention to black and white writing clearly displayed in front of you has nothing to do with being jaded.You're absolutely correct ​And I apologize... That's twice now I've apologized. We're not really off to a good start are we ? ​I should mention , I do like very much how intelligent you clearly are.

​yes, YOU are not off to a very good start, not a very good first impresssion.please read My profile and website and then approach accordingly

Yes Mistress ​
Yesterday - 10:38pm
So , can I ask you a question ? You're a professional Dom and I'm simply an amateur that just over the past year got into the lifestyle.

​thats not a question.....

No , it's not Mistress... I was respectfully waiting for you to say "yes" or "no" to my request before I asked.

​well, asking if you can ask a question is actually a question in itself so thats silly......ask the question its getting late and I am getting ready for bed?

That's very true , yes... Question is , when I'm developing someone is it better to suggest what they will like or ask what their secret desires are ?

​developing someone??? I dont understand what that isseems like youre asking Me advice about other women...which I am not interested in giving.
Yesterday - 10:54pm
Once I found this life style regular intimacy is like watching "little house on the prairie" so my goal is to..

​Oh , I see ​Im not really sure why after reading My profile you thought it was ok to ask Me like, relationship advice??? but....that's not what I'm here for.
right, because it's up to Me to guide you???uh ok, not sure why you messaged Me, but have a nice night.
If how you worded all your responses weren't well written and clearly intelligent I wouldn't ask but they were so I did... I believe in a system where people help people because in the end it just brings good things to ones life. ​And no , it's not up to you to guide me Mistress I was simply looking for some advice. ​Ok , so I just saw your last message. Sorry I messaged you Mistress... I did look you up on xvideos and in almost every video that comes up you're getting owned by someone like me... So , yes you're attractive but "fake it until you make it" doesn't work if there's videos of you being owned by lesser men. Gnight love and I was simply looking for some advice. No need to be an ass about it.​

where o where do I begin???

Ok, first of off. I'm actually glad to hear other sex workers might be using this site. But, please stop comparing Me to other people I don't fucking know.
secon of all: WHY does everyone think I exist to dispense free fucking sex and BDSM advice? WHY? It's so incredibly draining. Have a question, call My fucking Q&A hotline. pay Me for My time. Stop trying to consume My labor and expertise for free.

and third:
now here we go with this. Ok, I mean I ALWAYS find it fucked up when people who are talking to Me openly admit that they looked Me up on tube sites. So, you have no problem admitting that you have no respect for sex workers, that you don't think we should be paid for doing our job and that you STOLE from Me?
Yes folks, watching Me on a tube site is JUST LIKE stealing from Me. I didnt consent for those videos to be put there. You should be paying to watch them.

Now let's also touch on the fact that I have never ever ever done a video where I am "submissive" to any men. Not because I'm morally against it or anything, I just have never made one. If you think watching a woman have SEX with a man is her being "owned" I feel so sad for you, and your narrow view of sex. Do you think all Pro Dommes never get laid? And that if We do We must be fake? Like, what the actual fuck.
Sexuality is complicated, it's fluid. I like many sorts of things. I like dressing up like a clown and having cream pies thrown at My face. That doesn't mean My skills as a Dominatrix are diminished in any way.

ALSO: this dude is looking at videos of Me that are 7-8 years old.....at the LEAST! So damn dude, I really hope you don't judge all of your sexual or romantic partners on the sex they have almost a decade ago.

Also: getting owned by "somone like.." YOU?
Um, since when did you become a super fine famous pornstar? The pornstars I have sex with on film are NOT someone like you, trust and believe. I could post a side by side comparison photo but that would just be mean.

Almost as mean as this rude fucking message.


I have a fantasy....

an email I got today:

"I have a fantasy where I am stalked in the woods by a spanking maniac. I love the water pictures....Love struggle.....forced stripping and ends with spanking."

In ALL of My ads I always ask for a "polite letter of introduction" it's always amusing to see what people think that means.
In this case, I don't think the guy actually READ My ad, he just saw the pictures and got turned on and sent off a hurried, sloppy email which was all about HIM.

My response:

"I have a fantasy where men actually read My ads bother to do a bit of research on Me and then follow the simple instruction of writing a polite letter of introduction.

If you are interested in serving Me you may copy and paste and fill out a session application on My website:

~Mistress Bella Vendetta"



I just took several days away from the computer because sometimes...I really and truly feel like I am losing brain cells trying to talk to some of these guys. it makes My head hurt.
I came back to the computer this AM and this was the very first message I opened.

Bella Vendetta
I dont understand what you are asking. try using a complete sentence. I also dont have time or energy for guys who send weird one word messages. so yes, I am very real.
Yaksh Shrma
I m asking i want to eat dirt of your feet mean i want to b your slave
Can i?
Bella Vendetta
if you are interested in serving Me you should visit My website and approach accordingly. with respect, which you have not shown thus far. www.MistressBellaVendetta.com fill out a session application
Mistress Bella Vendetta - The Official Website
Mistress Bella Vendetta - Mistress Bella Vendetta
Yaksh Shrma
But i want you to tlk persnaly.. I dont want to b like others. I want to be your permannt and forevr
Bella Vendetta
if you can't follow simple instructions then NO you will not be My slave. If you want to talk youll need to follow protocol. If you disobey again I will block yo because I am not interested in time wasters who say they want to serve Me but don't respect Me when I give them an instruction.
Yaksh Shrma
I will folow but how would it possible becoz we are from diffrnt countries?
Bella Vendetta
well, then I have no clue how you intend to be My slave. goodbye
Yaksh Shrma
But i have if we remain in touch
Like whatsapp and number?
Bella Vendetta
I am not giving you ANY of My contact information until you FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS thats the last time I will repeat Myself to you.
Yaksh Shrma
Already follwd
Bella Vendetta
Yaksh Shrma
Your page follwd by me by second id
Bella Vendetta
what the fuck are you even talking about?
Yaksh Shrma
You asking for like your page na?
Bella Vendetta
I never asked you to like My page. can you READ? am I confusing you? wow. thanks for the laugh. goodbye.
Yaksh Shrma
Tell me breifly how to follow you?
I ll do
Bella Vendetta
I never asked you to follow Me! you are very annoying. I'm not interested in talking to you anymore. Please stop messaging Me. goodbye
Yaksh Shrma
😭😭😭😭. But i realy want your feet i nvr done in my life
Bella Vendetta
I dont care what you want.
Yaksh Shrma
Please respected mam.. I realy care for you
And i m very younger to you
Bella Vendetta

I SAID NO leave Me alone. I dont like you. you are stupid and cant follow instructions and clearly you cant even read. BYE I am blocking you
Yaksh Shrma
But you know that i m not fake



Prsented without much comment, and because Im sure this buy wil block * Me *

from fetlife

"Hi Bella how are you doing I m new but I d be your sub anytime couldi get your advice Bella"

written 17 days ago:
if you are interested in serving Me you should fill out a session application on My website
if you are looking to chat and for advice, you should call My Q&A hotline.

written 17 days ago:
I just want it plain a just simple your complicated

Providence, Rhode Island
written 13 days ago:
please help me

written 9 days ago:
I'm sorry but I don't give My time to people who can't even follow simple instructions

it's really NOT complicated. But you've already told Me I am not what you want so go and beg someone else.....

If you want help from a pro Domme or ANY Mistress, you need to follow their instructions and protocol.
That's a big part of being a submissive.

Providence, Rhode Island
written 3 days ago:

written 1 day ago:
I dont respond well to being told what to do.

if you cannot approach Me correctly or with respect, write out full sentences and follow instructions if you DO wish to serve Me or train with Me, then I will have to block you.
I don't like getting messages like this
I have already told you what you need to do if you want My help, the first step is filling out a session application on My site.
If you cannot even get it together to do that, I cannot communicate with you further.

Providence, Rhode Island
new message
written about 8 hours ago:
Your wrong but WE

new message
written less than a minute ago:
youre a joke but WE

Im not the one begging complete strangers on the internet to help Me with My sexuality

best of luck
but you are ending up here

hopefully you actually READ that link, unl;ike the other ones I have sent you.